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2008-02-28 02:21:37 (UTC)

Fuck a Select Few

as a kid you always say shit like, i hate everyone, or i
wish that everyone would just drop dead. while the intent
was right, the aim was a bit too general. in all truth you
really just hate a few people at any given time.
and sometimes those select few give you a reason to hate
them all at once.
first up in the chiropractor.

yeah, i know i know, don't trust someone who pretends he's a
real doctor. the irony about this is that i came here
beecause my leg was killing me. after a sat for a while
this horrible burning sensation would work its way up my leg
and make it hurt like hell.
so he'd crunch me this way and that and nothing really.
until i got this thing called a "transfrictional massage"
which was the most painful experience i've had in a while.
but it worked. ironically enough that person wasn't the
chiropractor but a masseuse who worked in his office.
well anyhow, my chiro assured me that all of his services
were of medical necessity and would be paid by my insurance.
from the very beginning i was really skeptical and asked for
all the bills.
after a fight with the insurance company they of course
ended up weasling their way out.
i got a call today. "you owe us $161"
i don't knokw why but i was just so livid. i had told them
from the very beginning they wouldn't cover it!!! and cos i
was in so much pain and under the delusion he'd help i
acquiesced to their constant assurances.
now i'm standing here with the bill.
for some reason i was really pissed at the way they were
acting too. like i was a degenerate good for nothing who
would never pay anyhow.
so i mentioned that i should get the cash rate (which is
half the usual price they bill to insurance). the
receptionist kindly informed me that that is only available
for those billionaires who settle their bills in cash at the
time of service. i about flipped out on her. i was saying
that i wanted to just get the cash rate and pay then and
there as i thought the insurance wouldn't cover it anyhow.
finally i did get the cash rate.
by question can they charge teh insurance company a
rate twice that they charge their cash customers? how does
the value of the service increase/decrease? there's just
something really fishy going on.

secondly, fuck my law school. fuck you guys. seriously.
they adding $8,000 to my tuition!!!!! holy christ it's an
insane increase. in one year.
but as any good law students would do there was a rally
today. led by eric in our evidence class.
as you may have gathered from my prior journals the
worthless student body elections are currently going on.
these worthless pig-fuckers are letting out their grandiose
promises like farts in a field.
well eric got up there, and god love him, he said the following.
"this election. i propose we write in 'daffy duck' in all
of the ballots. not one running officer should get our
votes. these are the same people who were on the SBA this
year and where were they during this tuition hike? did they
fight for us? did they even let us know about it? no!
this only proves that these people are sycophants who are
nothing but a bunch of resume padders. they don't do
anything. they write it on their resumes, act like they
cured cancer and move on. they have failed us. why didn't
they stand up against this hike? why didn't they let us
know about it before it was implemented so that we could
voice our opinions? why? because they're spineless
i swear to god i had my pants off and was masturbating in
evidence during the entire class. the best part? almost
all of the candidates were in that class (cos its required).
they got all angry with eric and started to accuse him of
accusing THEM of being liars. which of course led to the
best retort ever.
"i'm not calling you guys liars to be liars you'd actually
have to do the work of opening your mouths and saying
YES!!!!!!!!!! made me feel a little bit better. but
seriously. fuck my school. what a fucking ridiculous thing
to do to people already steeped in debt.

finnally. fuck my boss. god fuck him. seriously. i was
all psyched up and ready to quit on himi today. the
adrenaline was coursing through my veins and...he didn't
show up. of course. cos he never shows up. cos he never
fucking works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god he's pissing me off to no end. it's been a month and a
half and i've not gotten paid. so now i gotta quit on him
through e-mail. cos i'm just sick of this shit. what a
lame ass way to do it too.
and i so wanted to do it face to face. just so that i could
use the line from "the wire":
It's nothing personal, just business...partner.

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