Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-02-26 02:27:36 (UTC)


the laugh, the accented edge
of her voice crested my mind,
I imagine a seconds glance
across her lips, those thin,
yet red velvet stained lips

her hair fell across her face
in a palm tree effect, draping
around the slight points of
her ears, mixing in with the
blue/grey ocean of her eyes
entwined between her brow

spanning, hands splayed out
fingers folded like lilting
weeds standing in the light
catching the sparse wind and
tempting butterflies. I feel
the wind of the air beside
us, and wish to snake my
hand around her hips, take
her last breath, kissing her
hard, sunbaked, sunkissed

blankets drenched around the
sand, she dove in, the sun
drowning out the clouds in
their rain-festered hue, the
light cascading across her
eyes and down her neck,
her red suit showing off
all the sultry curves

sitting there, gazing the horizon
eating away the lemon wedged
betwixt the lime core, smelling
the vast elixir, and consumed
in a moments passing

I reach out across the braided
landscape, brushing over the
heave of her chest, and walk
my lips across her eye's lash,
swooping in, breathlessly