mr darcy's opinion
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2008-02-24 17:56:02 (UTC)

its been awhile

hello..its been awhile since ive wrote sumthin happy...very
with sumone who i love and cherish...chris is a good person and a loveable
character...he looks after me tho sumtimes like other people and friends we do
have our ups and downs and we do resolve it quickluy..sumtimes i do want to
give up and jts go back to my quiet life...but hes really really good...chris makes
me feel what life is...and vice versa is good...mums all
good....after all ths big storm,,,shes really good...and i love her even
more....kaye a nurse now..not long be setlled....lifes really good...i
cant ask for more...i have a nice person who loves me..i have a good job and a
good family is...all healthy and money isnt a problem...i think ive
won a million pounds here!! than that..bec im happy...xxxx

plus im goin to mexico in 2

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