I Debbie...
2008-02-23 02:00:27 (UTC)

Tried Talking

Well I tried talking to him about how stupid he was being
about the job thing. I even suggested instead of emailing
people back he should call them. He said that's what they
talked about. Like okay then obviously that was a direct
way of saying they want more contact person to person vs an
email. Like okay so go do that. He then said that's what
pissed him off. The part about it was a suggestion or that
he actually has to talk to someone instead of hiding behind
a screen. Get out of your overly comfy comfort zone and do
something. Then he was even more overly dramatic and said
that he was just venting he wasn't going to go out and quit
his job Monday. To near as I can quote him he said if he
didn't vent he would have a heart attach and die and I
would never see him again. At times I wish he would just
disappear. Really. I mean I wouldn't like the initial
aftermath but I just wish he would just grow up. I know I
am not perfect by any means but he doesn't help himself by
being so obtuse. I knew just KNEW I shouldn't have canceled
my health insurance policy at my work . I waited until
the last possible moment to do it because I kept waiting
for the other shoe to drop. But no what do I do I cancel it
because I think he is doing so well at work. I even brought
that up too. That it just seems so out of the blue. So what
happenend to precipitate this. Why did I get lulled into a
false sence of security. It was so nice to be able to
afford to go the docter last night and then know we would
get reinbursed for the costs. We have a flex plan that
allows us to put money aside so we can get money back for
prescriptions and other things. Now what happens. The other
thing I am afraid of is he is also the type to further
endanger his job by acting like as ass in the meantime of
his supposed job search. So then what. I mean hell it took
him so long to find him this job. It just seems too odd
that it took such a dramitic turn. Like there is a piece of
the puzzle missing. I am glad he wants to vent but then
when I make a suggestion that was the same as they made
then all bets are off. Can't talk about it. Just let him
fall asleeep with his stressed little head up against his
precious cat. Poor little misunderstood Bri-Bri. The
whole world is just so unfair and unkind. And when I do
decide to talk about it of course I will embellish all the
eveils of the horrible company that actually did the
unthinkable and expect something more of him. Cause you
know thats such a bad change. Mean old company. Bad mean
old company. Waa Waa Waa Waa.

I Debbie
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