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2008-02-21 02:29:51 (UTC)

See How Low She Flies

I had to force myself to eat today. I haven't really been
hungry for two days due to the lovely viral combination of
a cold and flu. But since I never call off from work I
suffered bravely through it.

I talked to L today and she thinks the trial period (as in,
if B goes to EMT school) is a great idea and if it works
out then we should definitely move in together at the end
of the summer. I'm still apprehensive. I read what I wrote
last night, and I can tell that I was letting my thoughts
go all over the place again and that it was a bit
incoherent towards the end. I can't bring myself to edit
any posts, though, because it takes away from what I was
feeling at that moment.

However, the point I'm trying to make is that I feel uneasy
about living with a guy unless I have a wedding band on my
finger first. I've always felt that living together first
takes away the fun of learning new things about someone
during the first year of marriage. Although when I told
this to L she fired off without missing a beat "Well, you
said you weren't going to do something else before
marriage, either."

My only response to that is: Touche, my darling.