Drama (swear words included)
2008-02-19 17:54:02 (UTC)

2/19/2008 --- mostly about work.

So, basically, everything has been going pretty good
between me and L. I'm happy - he's happy... the kids are
doing fine. January was a pretty decent month - with the
exception of L's daughter getting sick and having to be
hospitalized for a week... everything else was as smooth as
it could be.

One of my goals this year is to find a more rewarding
position than this switchboard operator position. I like
the job but I'm seriously bored out of my MIND! So much so,
that I've been lazy at work... talking on the phone,
surfing the internet, and just doing anything ELSE to
occupy my time.

Today, my boss had a one on one meeting with me... (she
does this with everyone once in a while) and I got so
emotional, it was ridiculous! I was so upset because here I
am doing my job... being bored... but nonetheless doing my
job... and she's going to bitch at me about some BS. I have
been so pissed off at work that I probably have been doing
a lot of the things she said. I feel like I don't get
treated like everyone else... and she plays 'favorites'. I
don't think she intends on doing that... but that's what
happens. I asked her about cross-training with the help-
desk analyst and she pretty much told me that I don't see
your willingness to learn.

I told her that this may not be the correct position for
me, because I don't feel like it is challenging me in the
ways that I can excel in. I don't feel like I'm getting the
amount of attention or respect I need or deserve. I am
really starting to get fed up with this group! The only
FRIEND I have in this group - is trying desperately to get
another position in about a month. I've spoken to my boss
about that and the fact that if I don't have anyone around
to socialize with or relate to - then I don't see myself
being content here in this group doing this mundane

Basically she said I didn't mean to hurt your feelings and
it's definitely not that I don't want you here - it's just
there are a few things we should work on before we let you

I'm feeling pretty upset and irritated with this job... I
don't know what to do - I wish I was closer to God
sometimes. Maybe, then he could give me a push in the right

I'm just going to keep doing me ... and see where that
goes. So far, I've put about 10-15 resumes and applications
out there. Hopefully, someone will find me and scramble to
get me in their company! Not likely... but I'm praying!

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