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2008-02-19 05:47:11 (UTC)

making up my mind

I kinda wish I didn't have to and could be free to make my
decision and did have to go back and forth between things.
I want my own life. And not my parents' life.

Robot is done, building-wise.

just programming left now. It gets put in the crate
tomorrow after we weigh it again and lighten some things.
Then it's PARTY time

and we're forcing doug to de-stress

we played some basketball today against skunkworks

we kinda lost but it was ok, our school is just too white.
It was all in good fun.

That skunk puppet was cute.

it's going to be amazing. It is amazing.

kicks butt

portland is going to own I am so exited

fun times

but here's the shit that happens

oh it's here.

and I only have this problem because my parents dictate my
life. And I can't do anything I want to do. Or have
support in other good things. They don't care about me.
Unless I'm like dying.... but then I'll be dead and
they'll stop caring.



what can you do.

besides die.