Dirty Fractyl
2008-02-16 05:03:11 (UTC)

If religion is BS, is GOD BS?

This topic is central to those on my mind throughout the
last year. Religion is, essentially, created by man. The
real question is then: Is God also created by man?

The former priest of the church I once attended said "God
created man in his image, and man has been returning the
favor ever since." Ultimately, our notions of what makes
God who he is come from our own preconceptions. Does that
mean that the creature we ultimately pray to is a
manifestation of our own consciousness? I would say many
atheists, and psychiatrists, would say "yes." The being
that we pray to is ultimately ourself - our innermost core
of who we are, and that we truly pray to ourselves,
attempting to associate a higher power to that which is
already innate within our own minds.

It is the universe, however, that leads me to question
that. There is a massive system of galaxies and clusters
of galaxies that form the net of all that is the
universe. Earth, a small planet covered mostly by water,
revolves around the sun in an eccentric orbit, with a net
distance of 93 million miles from the sun. In turn, this
solar system which we reside in, hovers around that same
sun in a small outward spiral of the Milky Way galaxy,
which in turn is one small galaxy among the countless

There are two paradoxes that come from this reality:

1) If there is SOMETHING, a universe and a consciousness,
is there ultimately a larger consciouness which guides the
universe, namely a god?

2) If there is a god, who created him/her? Infinite
regression becomes the question... How can there be a
first cause? Is it possible that the universe has always
existed - something that would defy human logic, lacking a
beginning and an ending?

It's easy to see how man gets confused and lost in his
search for truth. Besides the fact that there are
thousands upon thousands of religions and sects, there is
no ultimate guideline for just what is true. Further, you
find humans that will say "truth is relative," meaning
that each person's perspective creates a different truth
but all these discordant ideas are reflections of the same
reality. I am not in agreement with this assertion.
There are absolute truths. The fact that no one knows
what they are is a mere reflection of the fact that no one
knows, a self identity so to speak.

The truth of the matter is we all construct our own
version of reality and that our vision of what the world
is, is tainted by our own perceptions and opinions. It is
the same as how I previously said we construct our own
versions of God. With different minds and different
perceptions, discordant views come about, and obviously -
these differences cause conflict. These conflicts are
ultimately unresolvable, because you are dealing with two
different outlooks on the same topic, and in this case,
the topic is abstract (God). If you are discussing a
topic that is hypothetical, then realistically you cannot
really come to believe that one view is superior to the
other. Again, the question of relative truth is brought
into view.

Our egos ultimate spin a web of reality that each
perceives to be different and it is overcoming these egos
that ties the knot between all that is true. The
unfortunate thing is that man cannot shed his ego and
relative perceptions, and consequently we all view the
same matter through a different kalideoscope and argue
about what is seen. It's a lost cause.

Does that mean that spirituality is a lost cause too?

I don't know.

That was the whole purpose of discussing this topic...and
I alone can reach no conclusion, largely due to the fact
that no one can. It's what keeps this struggle going.