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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2008-02-15 05:22:13 (UTC)

My Life is a Carly Simon Song

So today B called me three times and texted me dozens,
letting me know in his own sweet silly way that he missed
me. Long distance relationships suck, but two hours isn't
so bad if one thinks about it. All I have to do is
remember BH3 and AM to realize just how good I have it.
But as I've written before, I think, phone calls and texts
and weekend visits just aren't beginning to be enough. If
he went to EMT school in my city then he could stay with me
and it would be lovely.

It's funny, since my boyfriend lives so far away some
people assume we met online. Nope, our mothers introduced
us several years ago. It wasn't until November that things
really began. I should've used my feminine intuition
nearly two years ago at SummerFest when we danced the whole
night. That night was so much fun; it was the evening I
realized that just drinking enough to keep you buzzed the
whole night is better than just getting smashed. It was
when we nearly won the twist contest, losing out only to a
couple in their sixties, who really deserved it. He
admitted to me a week or so ago that he had looked up and I
was gone and that he'd been disappointed. If our lives
were a novel it would have been blatant foreshadowing.
However, this entire episode has come out of left field for
me. I never expected this to happen, but I'm glad it did.

No surprise flowers at work, which is what I really
secretly wanted, but he told me today that he was "picking
up" my gift. Eh? I have an idea what it is, since he said
that everyone who has asked what it is has rolled their
eyes heavenward and sighed, "Are you REALLY getting her
that? She must be the one for you," and if happens to be
that, I'll be goofily pleased. Since our
boyfriend/girlfriendhood is still pretty new, I know it's
nothing sparkly, but I'd never expect anything like that.
I don't want to be the girl to ever expect things of that
nature on certain days of the year. I'm still a bit
apprehensive and since it is a new relationship I'm just
getting him a funny t-shirt and a case of his favorite
beer. Just small tokens of my appreciation. I don't really
need one day for him to show how he cares; he's shown me in
countless other ways (although I was raised to believe a
guy should open a car door and he doesn't do that) for
quite some time.

All I hope is that my dress and red heels knocks his socks