taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2008-02-13 11:47:44 (UTC)

Interneting at 6am..

when the mind and the senses are sharp.

Here's a comment written by me on SongMeanings.net back in
October 2002 in response to "At the End of a Gun" by Hot
Water Music:

This s0ng inspired me to write a song. I mean what can I
say. This song is north america, it's capitalism, it's
everyone for themselves, don't stop for the fallen guy, he
was weak anyways, just keep on going you greedy bastard!
Where's the love?!!!??!!?!

Speaking of, I think I get along with and feel more
connected to my girlfriend's parents over my own. Sad?
Maybe. True? Probably. But I'll never tell that to Anne
and Dave, they love me too much. And I obviously love
them, but I don't know if they'd be my friends if we
weren't bound by the bonds of family. I wish we were

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