An inconcluded life
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2008-02-13 10:00:05 (UTC)

I got married!

We met at work and things were a bit messy.
I still remember our first kiss. September 25, 2007. We
were playing guitar and he grabbed my hand and highlighted
how beautiful he thought it was. He got close to me and
stroke my eyebrows and asked me if I plucked them. He
tried to get closer every time and I kept trying to avoid
it, but I gave in to the magical gaze of his green eyes.

He's got the most beautiful eyes on earth.

And we kissed. We kissed until forever. We continued
seeing each other for several weeks and we just made out.
Until November came. And we made love.

What will people say? I'm his boss! What will students
say? Why do we go together on trips?

Chirstmas break came and I had to fly to the other side of
the world whilst he stayed close by. We emailed each
other and we spoke on the phone and the feeling of
infatuation got stronger as days went by.

When I returned he greeted me with so much tenderness and
care and pasion and happiness that I forgot about all my
worries and went with him. I knew then that I was in love
with him. And I knew he loved me back.

We got married not long ago. I thought this would never
happen to me again as I've screwed up the past 2 times.
But this time it is real and we are the happiest couple
ever. We would like to have kids but I'm not sure whether
that will happen. I truly hope it does because he wants a
son. I want a daughter.

I love waking up in the morning and feeling his furry
chest and I love kissing him and hugging him and saying
good morning while he adjusts his eyes to the light. And
when he opens them up it's like looking straight into a
window bathed by morning sunshine.

He loves English breakfast. The smell of eggs and bacon
and beans and tomatoes wake up his senses and he smiles
when he sits at the table. I like black coffee. He does
not drink anything with caffein, therefore leaving him
with orange juice to go with breakfast.

We see each other at work and we spend a great deal of
time together. The best part of this is that we do not
get bored of each other! I love pretending at work that
nothing is happening because no one knows we got married.
I like to see the wondering looks of my colleagues when
they try to insinuate that something is going on between

But I'm in love and I am the happiest woman on earth. I
had forgotten what happiness was all about. After all
these years of pain and deceit and disillusionment I
finally found what I'm looking for. We have the most
amazing future in front of us. We can go anywhere we want
to and settle ... or not!

I've pinched myself many times wondering whether this is a
dream or not. I'm in love with him and he loves me like

I'm married!

update - 11.26.2012
I wrote this with my fantastic program of visualization in mind. this is what I wanted and this is why I never got... and never will get.