I drink Alone
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2008-02-13 03:44:46 (UTC)

Just a matter of time fuckface

So my X-bf Frank has a new girl-friend. A friend of mine
showed me her blog on myspace.
The blog before the one about Frank was on her X-bf and how
much of an assface he was. Then she wrote about Frank and
how he was "the perfect guy for her" and how she couldn't
find one flaw in him. She felt safe with him blah blah
It's funny and scary at the same time.
I can read that and laugh my ass off cause I know it's only
a matter of time before he's fucking around on her and
breaking her heart. But what about her in lala land not
having a clue that she was with one of the worlds biggest
Now since I'm not the first, second, or third girl he's
cheated on I really have no doubt it'll happen again. Not
to mention he left the girl-friend before me right after
she had a miscarriage too.
He causes these with emotional stress and pain and then
fucks around cause "you're too emotional right now for me"
and "She was there for me" as excuses.
It makes me so much more grateful to my husband for being
who he is. Yea he makes me worry sometimes but he loves me
and I love him.
What's the difference between our love and their love?
Well, maybe there isn't a whole lot of noticeable
difference but at least he doesn't have a history of doing
horrible, cruel things. And at least he's NEVER treated me
anywhere near like Frank did. Wringing me through the
wringer with his fucking mind games. That piece of shit
should be kicked in the balls till he can't have more
fucking kids.
Joe is there for me and HAS been there for me when I know
Frank would of bailed by now. Not only Frank but every guy
in my life that I wanted things to work with.