Nick's Journal
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2008-02-10 04:09:43 (UTC)

Boycott the 2008 Olympics in China!!!

seriously. alright maybe i'm just too caught up in politic
shit as of late, but if there's one thing that i feel
strongly about it's that we should send a real message to
china about their human rights violations.
obama is against trading with any nation due to their civil
rights violations and we constantly preach on and on about
our virtuosity but how about we put our actions where our
words are?

talk about making a statement too. china is acting like a
girl getting ready for the big senior prom and we're the
star quarterback coming to make the show absolutely
spectacular. but what if that star quarterback doesn't show
up because he feels strongly against how the cheerleader is
mistreating political prisoners?

yeah. i thought so.

anyhow, it drives me absolutely batshit that we haven't
already boycotted the fuck out of these olympics. i would
have so much respect for any country which would boycott
these olympics to make a point against china's human rights
sure millions of dollars would be lost, but overall? come
on. and i mean at the very least THREATEN the boycott!
look at the leverage we have right now.
now not to discredit obama's free trade theory, i mean we
have a lot of power economically, but it is always dragged
out and never with much real-time impact (just look at most
economic sanctions we slap on countries).
but something which is such a singular point in time,
something so big, for which a country has expended so much
time and money, man...the impact we could make would be huge.

but of course nothing is gonna happen. we'll participate
and somehow it'll feel so dirty to me. a missed opportunity
to do something, to say something.
and to those who say that it wouldn't matter in the long
run. come on. it would, such a huge statement as sitting
out on an event for which china has spent millions of
dollars in infrastructure, man-hours, and government clout
would have a significant effect on a country.

not the least because it makes them look like a little
bitch. it shows them that, regardless of how advanced their
infrastructure, how smooth their governmental organization,
or the efficiency with which they pool their resources, it
all means nothing to the rest of the world, if they can't
treat their citizens decently.
we are telling them that their real power to influence the
world comes from humane treatment of their people.

to me...that seems like the greatest power.

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