Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-02-08 04:03:17 (UTC)

Frat Party

Tomorrow night I'm going to a uni. frat party wooooo!

Am I excited about it? Meh. My feelings are netural.


Because I'm not big on the parties.

However, I am excited to go because my evil buddy is coming!
If he wasn't going, I most likely would not have gone. I
only got invited because my bestfriend thought it would be a
smart idea to bring a lot of people. Bitch. She didn't
invite me to have fun with her or to just get out of the
house. Ugh. What a user! lol. See me, whenever I go out
with her and her friend, I always bring people. She's got
no one to bring with her expect that friend of hers.
whatever. hope my evil buddy doesn't get to attached to her.

So, I'm done with exams! YAY!
I have reading week next week and I plan on sleeping alllll
week. I'm excited about that! I love sleeping.

I'm still doing my TB Testings for the volunteer service
since it's in a rehabilitation center. Once I'm done that, I
have to sign some papers then I can start interacting with
my patients! WOOT! I'm looking forward to it. I really am.
I remember a few entries ago I wasn't able to decide if this
was something I should do. But I'm doing it anyways. It
could help me a lot in the long run, whether it be for
school or for getting a job. It's all pros.

Hmm... what else is there to talk about or what do I want to
get off my shoulders. Nothing. Good. Everything is going
fine. The car is driving smoothly and I hope it stays like
this for a long time =)