I drink Alone
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2008-02-04 16:58:09 (UTC)


Another weekend behind us. I am now 33 weeks preggo and
sooo ready for this baby to come out!

Last Friday the guys show got all fucked up. Something went
wrong with the sound so they missed whole verses at a time.
So of course they were angry and Joe was piss ass drunk
when he got back. I was sitting with Crystal when they
stumbled in and I think we both wanted to bury him in the
But things are better now, for the first day or so it was
the "end of the world" to the guys, but I think their
seeing past it now and that this wasn't the only chance
inthe world.

Everything else is going alright, I'm still moody and Joe
still pisses me off on a regular basis, but we seem to be
rolling with it so far.