Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-02-04 05:13:27 (UTC)

Sun. Feb. 03.08

I felt the need to update since it's been so long.

Well, i completed the required training from the center. now
i need to sign some papers, that will probably be dealt with
sometime this week.

I had my social psyc. exam last week. i think i did pretty
good. then on wednesday i have another exam, which i dont
really want to do because i'm so behind in my readings.
because i am one lazy fuck who needs to grow up and deal
with it. *sigh*

i've been sick the past few days and i have no energy to
study or even care. once this week is over, i'm on reading
week. YAY! sleeping... here i come! I HAVE to readings this
week, i hate the feeling of being behind.

Besides all the school dilemma, everything seems to be fine.
I bought myself a new mattress and i love it. I feel like
i'm sleeping on a cloud. I've been jobless for a little bit
over a month and love it. I don't know what to do with this
job situation. should i start looking for a job? or stay
jobless for awhile then go to summer school with no stress
of working. that's ok, i'm not stressing myself with this
thought. i have another 2 months to think about summer school.

anyways, im going to try reading a bit. bye