Pointlessly, Hopefully Eloquent
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2008-02-02 08:10:02 (UTC)

Quite private, indeed.

I hope this feeling never wears off. I hope I can remember
the lessons I have learned throughout the fights, tears,
hugs and kisses. I hope I never look at anything the way I
did before. I hope I remember what I have and have had in
the past enough to make it through the times I need love
most. I hope I can make it through each day smiling and
ignoring the cynics just by imagining his touch. I hope I
will understand exactly all the radios happy love songs,
and learn to enjoy the sad ones. I hope the world
understands that they can't do a thing to take away this
feeling. I hope he understands how I feel and that I will
never change my mind. I hope that we will stay, at least,
in touch for the rest of our lives. I hope when I miss
him, it's the good kind that reminds you how much he means
to you. I hope he understands how amazing he is and that I
have completely unconditional love for him. I hope I don't
lose him. I hope he will always, always remember me. I
hope he remembers this night. I hope I remember this
night. I hope I remember writing this.
I hope I remember this overwhelmingly potent emotion
flowing from my heart and soul and I hope he can feel it

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