Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-02-02 03:47:30 (UTC)

I Social Butterfly

the lonely people. the awkward people. the annoying.

they're all around us. sometimes, i am one of them. but I'm
not so sure I don't bring it on myself. I'm not the most
sociable person in the world, but I have been before. I once
couldn't walk down the street without running into someone I
knew, from somewhere, it was like an ego boost. Now if I go
a month, I'm impressed. I don't aspire to the limelight, nor
do I particularly embrace people the way I used to. I've
gotten quite anti-social. And I only surround myself with
people who matter, I'm no longer the guy who floats in and
around the party people, the guy who holds 3 day long parties
in the back of his house with a hot tub, and enough spilled
alcohol to kill the garden and the grass for the year. I'm
not the guy who goes to clubs and scores drugs for the younger
people I know, nor the guy who buys everyone drinks so they
think I'm popular, and I'm not the guy who drags 10 to 20
people to the all night diners and eat and drink away the
early morning hours. I'm just not that guy anymore.

I need to re-invent myself. perhaps it's time to loose the
hounds, and forget all this "lonely guy" bullshit. ok, there
is no perhaps. it's fucking time to get off my ass.

well, that'll be fine. I'm leaving soon as it is. and I think
with the exception of 3 or 4 people, I'm going to cease my
expulsions of dis-in-genuineness and catapult my apathy from
the shanks that seem to be entrenched within.

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