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my submissive life
2008-01-30 23:01:19 (UTC)

The Agreement - Day 4

In the morning I was finally allowed to wash Sir’s piss off
my body. I was directed to the kitchen.

“Have a seat in your special chair, slut.” I slowly eased
myself down onto the two dildos. Sir pushed me in tight to
the table. He then leaned down and tied my ankles to the
legs of the chair. I wouldn’t be able to reach to free
myself if I wanted to.

He placed in front of me several markers and a brown paper
bag. It was larger than a lunch bag, but a bit smaller
than a grocery bag. “I am going out for an hour. You will
sit here and draw for me. On one side of this bag you are
to draw a hideous, ugly face. On the other side, I want
you write in large, bold letters, every degrading thing you
can think of to describe yourself. Make sure to do a good
job, and be finished before I get back.” He turned the
camera on and angled it towards me.

Sir left and I turned to my artwork. For the face, I drew
a large pig-nose, small droopy eyes, a grotesque mouth with
only a few teeth, and make several marks indicating warts
or pimples. On side two, I wrote – ugly pig, fat cow,
stupid whore, disgusting bitch, smelly cunt, filthy dog,
and worthless pathetic painslut. I had finished drawing on
the bag, I now hated it.

Sir returned and looked at the finished product. “Very
nice work, slut. The bag is perfect for you. Let’s see
how it looks on.” Sir pulled me out from the table but
left me impaled on the seat. He put the bag over my head
and took some photos. He turned the bag around and took
more pictures. “These will look great hanging up next to
our other prize photos.” Great, just what I wanted, more
hideous photos of me decorating the house.

“You have been a really good sport about all this. Let’s
go out for some fresh air and to celebrate a little. First
let’s go upstairs and get you dressed.” We went upstairs
and Sir picked out clothes for me. Or rather, Teacher had
already picked the clothes, Sir was just gathering them.

I was dressed in 4 inch stiletto black heels, a tight black
mini skirt, a skimpy white tank top, and no bra or
panties. The shirt was almost see-thru and my large tits
bounced when I walked. I didn’t really want to go out
dressed like this, but I knew I had no choice. Before
getting into the car, Sir cuffed my hands behind me. He
helped me into my seat and fastened the seatbelt around
me. Then, just before we took off, he pulled out my brown
bag and placed it over my head.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I have the pretty face you drew
facing out for all to see. Now everyone can see what an
ugly whore you are. You look ridiculous and everyone is
staring at you. Some are laughing, others look rightfully
disgusted.” I was humiliated. I wondered if anyone
recognized me, just by nature of the car or seeing Sir next
to me. I was so embarrassed and there was nothing I could
do about it.

We drove for a while and eventually I felt the car come to
a stop. Sir opened my door and undid my belt, but he left
my hands cuffed and the bag over my head. I tried to hear
if there was anyone watching us, but I couldn’t tell. I
couldn’t believe Sir had taken me out into public like
this. Teacher knew how much I feared public humiliation.

Sir guided me along a little walk. I had a hard time
walking in my high heels without being able to see, but Sir
held me and kept me from falling. He said nothing and I
knew better than to speak without permission. But I was
nervous, and a little aroused.

Suddenly we stopped. Sir uncuffed my hands and then re-
cuffed them above me. They were secured over a bar or
branch or something because I couldn’t pull my hands down.
I still had the bag over my head and couldn’t see
anything. Without warning Sir yanked my shirt up over my
chest, exposing my tits. The cool air had my nipples
immediately hard. I had never been so exposed out in the
open before.

Sir finally spoke. “Just so you know, we are not in a very
secluded area. There is a running trail just a couple feet
in front of you. It is a lovely day out today and I expect
people will be passing by in no time. I’m sure they won’t
be able to help but notice you. With the pretty bag over
your head, your secret identity is safe. But I can’t wait
to hear what the unsuspecting joggers will think of you.”

I couldn’t believe he was really going to let people see me
like this. I struggled to get my arms down but
couldn’t. “Please Sir, you can’t do this. Please let me
go. Don’t do this to me. Please.”

“Tsk tsk. You know better than to speak without
permission. This was just going to be a show and tell, but
now I think I will have to add a punishment element to it
as well.” Oh crap.

All was quiet for a while, then I heard footsteps in the
distance. Oh my god, people were actually
approaching. “Holy shit, look at that!” It was a
stranger’s voice.

“Hello there!” Sir must have been speaking to the
stranger, or strangers.

“Uh, hi. Um, what’s, what is this?”

“This is my girlfriend. She is a little painslut who
begged me to humiliate her. She loves pain and
humiliation. Isn’t that right, slut?”

I had to answer. “Yes Sir.”

“Wow. She’s got nice tits. What’s under the bag?”

“Her face of course. But we’re keeping that confidential
today. I’m honored that you like her big fat tits, you can
go ahead and feel them if you want.”


“Sure, she won’t mind. Slut, ask the nice men to feel your

“Will you both please feel my big fats tits please?” I
then felt several strange hands grabbing my tits, lifting
them and squeezing them. I couldn’t believe this was
really happening.

I heard Sir’s voice again. “Actually, I’m glad you two
came along. See my stupid girlfriend here was naughty
recently and needs to be punished for it. I don’t imagine
you guys would be interested in helping me out with that?”

“Well, what would you want us to do?”

“Well, since her tits are already accessible, I was
thinking of a titty-spanking. How would you feel about
smacking her tits around for a little while?”

“I don’t know, I mean, I don’t want to end up arrested for
assault or anything.”

“Oh no, not at all. She knows she has to be punished and
she likes a lot of pain. Slut, ask these men to punish
you. In fact, beg them, if you can’t get them to give you
a suitable, that is, severe enough punishment, I will give
you an extra punishment when we get home.”

Here I go. “Gentlemen, please help me by smacking my fat
tits for me. Please punish me hard. Please smack my tits
over and over again as hard as you can until they are
bright red and I am crying. I have been bad and need to be
punished for my poor behavior. Please help teach me to

“Okay.” The first slap was hard and fast. Then more came,
equally hard. I couldn’t tell if it was just one of them
or if they were taking turns. But my tits were slapped non-
stop and hard. I don’t know if they were getting red, but
they were aching badly and I couldn’t stop a few cries
of ‘ouch’ from escaping my lips. The titty-spanking
continued until I did have tears running down my face. Not
that anyone could tell since my face was hidden by the ugly
bag. Finally, Sir stopped them.

“Nice job boys. Very nice. I’ve never seen her tits so
red. You both do good work.”

“Thanks, any time.”

“I really appreciate your help. Here’s a little souvenir
for you.”

“Wow, thanks man.” I later learned that the souvenir was a
Polaroid photo of them smacking my tits. Sir had taken
numerous picture of it, both to further decorate our house,
and to send to Teacher as proof that his instructions had
been followed. Sir would taunt me for ages on ages about
the two strange men with photos of me posing in my
grotesque bag mask, dressed like a whore, tits exposed and
being smacked by strangers.

The strangers eventually ran off, leaving me sore and
humiliated. A little while later, Sir uncuffed me and led
me back to the car. He kept my shirt pulled up and my red
tits exposed. He re-cuffed me behind my back and put me
into the car. Before we drove off, he pulled my skirt up
until I could feel the air on my pussy. During the drive
home, he fingered my cunt. I was very wet and hadn’t been
allowed to orgasm since the agreement began. I hoped today
might be the day. Sir fingered me for most of the ride
home, but stopped occasionally when he thought I was
getting too close to climaxing. I was bucking my hips in
frustration of not being able to climax. Sir was laughing.

When we got home, Sir uncuffed me and had me strip.
Finally I was allowed to take the bag off my head. Sir
stood it on the mantle. He ordered that every morning I
was to kneel before my ugly-face bag and humbly thank it
for aiding in my humiliation.

Our tasks for that day were not over. Sir decided that
since I was so wet on the drive home, I must have enjoyed
my so-called punishment, and therefore, it was not a
punishment. But I still needed to be punished for speaking
without permission, since that was an important lesson to

He tied me stretched over the dining room table. He lifted
my chest up just enough to slide two cardboard pieces with
tacks sticking up from them under my tits. With my entire
upper body weight resting on the tacks, my tits were aching
immediately. But that was just the setup. Next Sir took
out the paddle. The big, heavy, wooden one. Without
further ado he began paddling my ass. Each whack made me
jerk forward and back just enough to scratch and stab my
tits on the tacks over and over again. He did not go easy
on me. Apparently he had grown comfortable with causing me
pain. Again, of course, the video camera was catching my
suffering for Teacher. The paddling and tit-tack-torture
continued until I was outright sobbing.

Sir explained, “The rules aren’t for my amusement and they
aren’t for you to obey when you feel like it. You wanted
this arrangement and you agreed to it. Punishments will be
real; you will not enjoy them. Learn the rules and obey
them you fucking whore. Until you manage to get through at
least three days without breaking a rule, you will not be
allowed to cum. That’s right cunt, you will live in sexual
frustration, being denied any orgasms, until you learn the
fucking rules. How do you like them apples?”

And with that, Sir left me tied to the table, red ass on
display, tits still suffering on the tacks. I began to
lose track of time.