Drama (swear words included)
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2008-01-29 16:23:53 (UTC)

1/29/2008 --- catching up all the way to new year's eve... to be continued

Wow - I just read that last entry about me and L's
relationship. Holy crap... yea last month (Dec.) was
crazy... but honestly it all stemmed back to it being a
financial disaster! Everything about it was difficult. From
being home with L - to my sister having her baby - to
having to purchase Xmas presents that we know we couldn't
really afford - to L's unemployment.

Things were really started to affect us and our
relationship. Well, thank GOD that is over. We ended up the
year on a really good note! I'm sure it didn't seem like
that could have happened from the looks of that last entry,
but somehow we did it.

First off, I backed off of him a little and the more I
pulled away the more he came to me! So, it really made me
feel a little better and less lonely. I stopped using the
virtual community ( which was very tempting to me
and was literally playing a major role in ruining our
relationship. I figured it was well worth the sacrifice! We
ended up doing great for Christmas --- except it was the
only year that L's kids' mother decided to come and get
them for the holiday. I think that this was a little hard
on him but we survived and it gave us a little more time to
get the rest of everything for Christmas. When they got
back, we did the Christmas present exchange and the kids
really loved all the practical things (clothes, earrings
(for the girl), candy, and some bath & body things) they
were given... so we were both ecstatic. It made both of us

On New Year's Eve, we went out to the little bar not far
from our apartment and we had a BLAST!! We ended up getting
pretty twisted before we left (the bar is 2-1/2 blocks from
our house) and by the time we got there... it was about
9:45! Everyone we knew and Liked was there --- it was a
great photo opp! Anyways we finished the night off kissing
at midnight and then going home to hold each other. But we
really didn't do that until about 7am!! LOL. We partied
after the bar until about 3:30 and then we were up 'til
around 7 just talking to each other about things we don't
normally talk about... it was very nice!


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