Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-01-26 18:25:56 (UTC)

Sat. Jan 26, 08*


So this has been an interesting week and surprisingly
enough, i'm still smiling.

I like to thank the beautiful sunny weather we've been
having. I'm telling you, once the sun came out monday
morning, my mood did a whole 360 change. I hate the winter

Well, I dropped my math class. I blame everything on myself.
I've decided on my last year or two of school that i'm going
to pay for my tuition.

On tuesday I went for my first training session at the
mental rehab center and it was a very interesting
experience. I was surprised at how calm and friendly i was!
Usually being a room with people i don't know would make me
anti-social, nervous and quiet. I was quiet for the most
part, but i let loose after. I was alittle intimidated at
the fact that a lot of people knew a lot about the different
types of disorders, such as: signs, prognosis. But then I
thought to myself, the people who are here to volunteer are
people who are much older then i and therefore more
knowledgeable. I am young and I am here to learn about it.
There's nothing wrong with knowing nothing, that's why i'm
here: to learn. So i've decided to continue with the
volunteer service.

Ironically enough, that morning i was at school and i went
to the guidence counsellor to drop my math course and i came
across a Rehab. Counsellor booklet. hahaha, what a sign!
So apparently once i'm in my 3rd year...ummm, once i'm
almost at 90 credits, i can apply for a certificate since
i'm already volunteering. However, i need to do about 800
hours, but i'll need to ask someone about how i can do this
since i'm already volunteering on my own terms. I'm so

I was a little scared at first because I saw this
opportunity as a beginning of my career; aka- adulthood. LOL
but i'm coping. I need to start my life at some point, and
that some point is now.

I've been talking to a lot of people about the struggles of
school and how i'm never going to finish school and a lot of
them gave me good advice. I love the fact that i get great
advice and encouragement from strangers instead of my own
friends. Well, not to belittle my friends, but in reality,
my friends aren't at my level of education, so they
can't understand what i'm going through. Which is fine,
because i've come to realize that my friends may not be
professionals but they are the nicest and most caring people
you will ever meet. I believe that's more important!

Anyways, i should turn off this computer and start reading.


- guys are always willing to help (stats)

- guys see themselves as the victim in relationships (ie:
ungreatful (guliano), being cheated on, controlled, always
getting introuble (amit)