Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2008-01-22 20:09:01 (UTC)

recent update

Hello everyone! I am back on the internet finally and
settling into life in Greenville, SC all over again. It is
going well so far, and I have finally got my phone back up
and running as well. The number is the same for now, I'm
going to have it changed soon, but I wanted anyone to be
able to contact me easily before I do change it in a couple
Papa- I lost the # for that guy calling you- please send it
to me or give them my # so I can try to deal with it....

Sheesh, costs for school here has been much more than I
anticipated, Books and a new calculator for calculus have
cost me over $500 total alone, and I lost 2 scholarships by
transferring campuses. I can only hope I'll get new
scholarships from this new campus in the fall... the money
I got for school has not gone nearly as far as I thought it
would. The graphing calculator required by the teacher is
99 dollars from WAL-MART for godssake!

I feel a lot better now, less anxiety here with none of the
pressure on me I felt in Sumter and I have an appontment to
see a temporary doctor on campus thursday, and a
appointment to see a new doctor at a low income health
clinic in March which is the earliest they could see me. I
hope to get my scrips for at LEAST my thyroid and bi-polar
disorder from school until then since I'm not sure that the
school will manage my pain for me...

I have a job interview for a part time student worker at
USC greenville thursday assuming the snow doesn't mess
things up.

Classes I am taking:

Psychology: understanding marriage, family, and intimate
Sociology: women and armed conflict
Math; Calculus SCARY
Comparative Religions
I will have my Bachelors degree by summer of 2009 if things
proceed well.

kinda hope it doesn't stay, my joints and muscles are
killing me)
Kelly, JeJe, Dave, Will, Rachel, (someone tell Allen)
Jeremy, Romeo: I miss my sumter family bunches right now...
it feels weird to be here after 5 years with you guys. I
hope things are going well over there! I still am pretty
much housebound over here, so not much has changed other
than my stress level going down. My nightmares have stopped
since I got here, and I'm sleeping more continuous hours
without waking periodically, so I feel more rested as well.

However it does feel like I am back "Home" again, I must
admit. Seeing my family and friends and even my doggie
after so long has been so welcoming and relaxing. I only
wish I had more time and energy to invest up here outside
my moms house...

I gotta get to sleep. I'm exhausted from a long day, and my
back is killing me- the pain medicine I have just is not
helping today. Probably cause of the weather, and I have to
be up early for my interview...