Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2008-01-22 06:24:35 (UTC)

I think what happens

I think what happens is that i get bored of people

so then I try and find someone knew

become obsessed with them for a bit

get bored

because of failure or they're just boring or i discover i
don't like them or something

and then i move on

and find someone new

and then repeat the process

I had a dream last night

it was a repeat

the one where there's the gap in the floor and i have to
get to the other side and get something important off the

and there's the motorcycle race or something

but this time i was able to really manipulate it

i totally screwed up the race

but i got to the other side

and stopped the chick from killing me i guess

kept them from finding out i was a double agent

reported to my commander

was in the process of saving people from the cave in or
something i think it was.

krista was there



some other kid who i recognized at the time and can't
remember anymore

but yeah, then i woke up

but i didn't die once

and i've been noticing

that my success in dreams relies on how well i can
manipulate events

what's that say about real life?

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