Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2008-01-21 08:45:27 (UTC)

Winter of....2008?

Yeah I forgot to write sooner for a 2007 winter journal
entry. Well nevertheless, I have a few... well depressing
things I should mention here today. I guess the worst of
this bombshell I have to write about is the poor death of
our pet turkey. She died recently under our back porch one
night. We aren't quite sure what exactly caused her passing,
but I took the liberity of burying her in our field.
As you can guess, I took her passing pretty hard. But I
felt quite an honor to have been the one to bury her in a
way. We will have more turkeys later this year I'm happy to
mention. Moving along, I am still without work and
motivation. It may very well be related to the bitter-cold
weather we've been having these past few days... Its quite
depressing for me. I am spending all of my Christmas money
trying to get my life back together.
Martha is still here with me. I know she is feeling
homesick. And although I love her so much and she keeps me
company during these hard times of my life, I know that she
and her family miss each other. There will come a time not
far off when she will feel that the time is right for her to
return back to Texas. Maybe perhaps it is best for the both
of us. I need some time by myself to assess my life and do
some soul searching. I have big dreams for my future... But
for so long have I lost myself in thought thinking of how to
reach them.
I really do need some spiritual guidence this time
around. I want to travel the world, restore the land back to
its original beauty, buy a new car and motorcycle, be able
to pay bills and living costs, get healthcare, and of course
I still want help mankind in some great way in life. I have
great ambition... but where are my leads? I won't give up on
finding some sort of means to begin my dreams! Even if it
takes the rest of my life!