Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-01-10 01:55:35 (UTC)

Wed. Jan 09. 08

I did it again; I'm doubting myself.

I went to the first class of abnormal psychology this
afternoon. It's a 3rd year course and the majority of the
students in there know what to do with themselves. I,
however, do not. The class seemed to intimidating. I left
the class in the middle of the break and went straight home.
As I was on my way home, I decided that abnormal psyc isn't
for me. I don't want to diagnose people, I want to help them
out in a therapy sort of way. People can open up to me. I
can relate to people. I am very understanding. I see both
sides of an argument. I can help people change their way of
thinking. I just don't know which route to take. I don't
know enough about psychology. I don't know. I'm not clear.
I need to make an appointment with someone about these

Fuckin' headaches, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

If there is one thing that is on my mind 24/7, I would have
to say school, my future.

So, I dropped that class about an hour ago and exchanged it
for another course. I have this class tomorrow morning at
8:30am until 11:30. Let's see how this class is. Hopefully
it won't be as intimidating as the class today.

I hate this unsure feeling. I sometimes feel like I'm
wasting my time, wasting my dad's money, wasting wasting
wasting! I want to do something with my life, but it's so
hard! I stress so much, I get worried so quickly. My
emotions have such control over my school life. School is
only difficult if you're unsure. I'm unsure about the
classes to take. I'm unsure of what kind of psychology I
want to get into.

im out.