Loser In The Making
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2008-01-08 00:05:54 (UTC)

Don't know what to believe..

justins ex moved in along with his brother. and ive been
talking to his ex and am having troubles knowing wether or
not to believe what shes telling me. she says that justin
may not have been a virgin when i lost mine to him.. but
she doesnt know wether or not it was him that told her or
someone else.. that right there makes it hard to believe
but at the same time puts doubt for me towards justin,
which might be what shes after. plus i also found out that
POSSIBLEY (she said this) that justin was trying to get
down her pants.. that he told her that he wanted her to be
his first.. again.. puts doubt towards justin.. i dont
know wether to believe all this stuff but its eating me up
and i dont want to bring it up to justin because i dont
want to 1) get her in trouble and 2) get him mad.. but i
need to ask him bout this stuff.. thinking of doing it
tonight, just gotta figure out the best way to ask.. been
pondering on this for over a week now.. ohh well... i
guess i have an hour before he gets here and ill have it
figured out by then...

Your Confued Boo