2008-01-07 01:19:08 (UTC)

House moving

I completed my house(room) moving last Saturday, and
cleaned room on Sunday.
It is really a tiring and troublesome job. Especially when
the room is small and you found there is not enough space
or furniture for you to categorize the items. I have to
put a lot of my stuffs(books and CDs) in the box and on
the desktop. So the room looks less messy. But still it is
actually a bit 'luan', because there are really not enough
drawers or cabinets.

On the micro view, the room is old and in need of
renovation. This is OK. But what I can't stand is there
are cockroaches! I smashed one yesterday afternoon. Then
at night I didn't sleep well as I felt sth on my bed. And
in the morning I saw a brown cockroach, though it was not
on bed, I kept wondering it had been on my bed for the
night... The only thing I can do is spraying my room full
with anitpest liquid and hopefully they'll all be killed
or escape.
On the macro view, the region I am staying now is really a
not safe place because it is the red light district and
the only one in this city. Even in the morning, when I
left home for work, I can see these women strolling
alongside the curb or sitting on the fender bar, yawning
or smoking.

I don't think myself will stay there for long time, though
I hate moving again.