I Debbie...
2008-01-05 23:08:35 (UTC)

You Will Never Believe This One

So ding dong has his fat ass planted on the couch as per
usual on Saturday when low and behold there comes on the tc
this show called Twister Sisters. He was watching these two
really stupid backyard bimbos chasing storms. I mean they
were making these commentaries like " chasing can be
dangerous". Like wow she's smart and pretty too by golly.
Then the one guy in their group actually made and then
dedicated a song to them about the love or insanity of
storm chasing. Just goes to show you anyone can write a
song about anything. With enough alcohol or as little
brains as God gives you can achieve greatness. It's all in
the eye of the beholder.

Have At It
I Debbie