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2008-01-05 02:18:15 (UTC)

Thank God the Iowans told me how to think

i haven't paid much attention to the presidential race.
sure i watched a debate here or there but all that really
did was make me realize why i pay so little attention. the
debates are just an exhibition of grand-standing,
side-sniping, and candidates playing dodgeball with the
truthfully i didn't know and still don't know, whom i will
vote for. however, i DO know whom i will NOT vote for.
let's that youtube clip, which three people
raised their hands when asked if they don't believe in
evolution...tom tancredo (already gone)...sam brownback
(also gone)...mike huckabee (dear sweet saviour jesus).

i've read a lot of books about religion. in fact, i've
never been a very good sunday school student. two of my
most vivid memories of my childhood revolve around sunday
school. one was a sunday school teacher, normally sweet and
bubbly yelling at me cos i asked her how the dinosaur bones
could be explained a way (they're a test to my faith
apparently) and secondly, my mother catching me skipping
sunday school (which i had succesfully done for a half a
year up until then) and pretty much writing me off a spawn
of satan as my dad watched with a grin plastered on his face.
i just finished reading the End of Faith by Sam Harris and
i'm pretty sure that he plagiarized my journal entry on
islam, but i'll let that slide. he makes a compelling case
against religion (although Dawkins makes a more coherent
one). no matter how stupid i find religion and this need to
beleive in a god i still can't get too upset about people
who hold them. this is true to an extent which i know will
make me seem arrogant.
it's like this. people can belivee whatever the fuck they
want long as i don't have to deal with their
phantasmogorical constructions. however, if i find someone
intelligent and they subsequently confide to me that they
have religious beliefs my view of their intelligence
instantly drops about 30 notches.
that being out there, i've become overly frustrated by the
fact that huckabee is in the lead. i just find it shocking
when i read certain statistics. 78% of the populace
actually believes in the literal "day of reckoning" as
described in the Book of Revelations. i don't even want to
go into how incredibly crazy that is. so on one hand it
shouldn't be much of a surprise that huckabee flossed
through iowa.

but come on!!! the only way this man's sense of history is
in anyway reconciled with a shred of reality is if HUMANS
WALKED WITH DINOSAURS!!! or (in my sunday school teacher's
alternative) the bones strewn about our great green earth
are merely a test by god almighty.
god almighty.
and on the one hand i'm repulsed by my repulsion of huckabee
merely because of his faith. how is it any less
discriminatory than disliking obama for his skin color?
well two reasons...1) you can change your belief, 2) this
man's belief has and most certainly will shape his policies.
he wants prayers back in school and wants very much to
intertwine religion with the state. i am so against that
it's not even right.
the article i wrote for law review was all about how
religious fanatics create strawmen all over the place. for
example, huckabee wants prayer in school because of some
sort of moral upbringing it will strengthen, saying that,
those who wish not t participate have no reason to.
but that's exactly what's wrong with prayer in school! it
creates an orthodox, it puts the state behind one key
aspect, in this case a religion (not specifically
chistianity) is the orthodox over NO religion. the state
puts its force behind the exclusionary practice.
there are a bunch of arguments against what i just said, but
they are all weak and easily refuted (trust me, i spent over
a month and a half reading all of Scalia's raging
pro-religion opinions).

anyhow, it seriously bothers me that huckabee is doing well.
i don't want a man who believes in such fantastical
falsities to have the reigns to any damn thing. i'd rather
vote for the anti-christ (clinton) than him if the chance
presents itself. i think, that, by the time the rest of the
country votes, huckabee will likely lose ground, or maybe
that's just my faith in the rationality of the american people.

other than that, i am thoroughly looking forward to clinton
losing her shit in the next couple of contests, coming in
third in iowa. she's gonna sling so much mud, obama's gonna
look even blacker.
and on that subject. what's up with the question to obama,
"what do you say to those who claim you aren't black enough?"
seriously...people are worried about this? i wish that he
would retort by playing, "it's hard to be a pimp" from the
hustle and flow soundtrack and yell john edwards to the
ground while "making it rain" with a trash bag of ones,
forcing hillary to strip.
black enough?