down in my eyes
2008-01-04 21:28:30 (UTC)


My first entry for the new. year. & I'll start out with the
most significant thing that's happened to me over the past
year... It's crazy that a human being is capable of loving
someone soooo much & with such depth.

Sure, a few things could be better.. but, life always has
it's ups & downs. However, Ican't recall having ever felt
as fulfilled with my life, as i've felt lately. Casey has
conquered my heart, completely. & there's no better feeling
in this world, than the pure happiness ifeel when i'm in
his arms & just a kiss away. Especially in the mornings-
Every morning, Casey wakes up in the most awesome mood. I
don't even know how to explain it... I just know that
falling asleep & waking up next to him~ is the most snug &
cozy place icould ever even dream of.

Ever since ican remember, i've had an obsession for
sleeping. & I've hated the mornings. If i had things my
way~ i'd sleep through most of my life. I'd wake up only
for alittle bit in the afternoons. & I'd sleep through all
my misery. But, not anymore. I mean, i still despise the
mornings, most days- But, Casey's changed my perspective of

The sun seems to shine brighter than i remember. & each
day, i actually Feel motive.. & reason. No longer stale &
lifeless. & i no longer look at waking up every morning as
miserable. Of course, especially when i'm with him- i wake
up excited & ready to start my day- Something that i Never
thought would be possible. Like yesterday, when i lay
there unbelievably relaxed~ as i watched Casey get ready
for work. It was just before 5am, but iwas as happy as can
be. & as always~ he sat by the side of his bed, ran his
fingers through my hair, stroked my face~ down to my arms,
& covered my face with kisses. That's something iknow ican
always count on. It makes my day.

To love & be loved~ were always my greatest wishes when i
was younger. Casey is just.. well.. he's a
dream come true.