Nick's Journal
2007-12-31 22:30:07 (UTC)

I learned something this Christmas Break

first of all can we call it christmas break please? i
understand not everyone celebrates christmas and not
everyone beleives in the one, true, and only saviour of
mankind, but anybody with a brain stem can figure out that
we aren't getting time off because it's cold out, but
because people want the time to spend with their family over
a holiday which the majority of our culture celebrates.
on to more important things.

baby's rule the fucking world. seriously. i've been
blessed to never have lived in a totalitarian dictatorship,
but if its anything like living with an 18 month old child
for a week and a half i want no part of it.
this baby has a 4 word vocabulary, drools on herself, and
poops her pants...yet she ran our household like an
iron-fisted dictator for a week and a half.
when the baby went to sleep everyone shut the fuck up. and
i mean way the fuck up. i've never used subtitles so much
in my life. people were actually WHISPERING at 3:30 in the
afternoon. if that's not fear i don't know what is.
and my god, if the baby thought something was funny, you by
golly continue doing it. if the baby thinks it's funny that
you cut your finger off with a knife you better proceed
until you have none left!
seriously, the baby ran shop on us for a week and a half and
we were all its little bitches.
that being said this baby is fucking awesome. i know, i
know, all babies are cute and little einstein's but i have
NEVER seen a kid that age bring me 4 books and sit
spell-bound while i read all four of them to her.
damn i can't even have that kind of attention span!
contrasting this baby to the monstrosities that i normally
see actually makes me think of moving on from rats to human
beings under my care.

secondly i learned that i love the patriots. and i mean
love the patriots. you see i hated the patriots up until
the second half of their superbowl against the eagles, when
i realized something. i loved the way they played. they
played the game the way it was supposed to be played.
without abandon. every drive was a scoring
opportunity...not a good try that wasn't a failure if it
ended in a 40 yard punt.
this year they took me to the next level. they ran up the
score on people, went for it on fourth down (my biggest pet
peeve in football is when the coach doesn't go for it on 4th
& 1). now i know, i know, they cheated. now i know nothing
about the rules or what not, but what i do know is this: for
15 games they most definitely DID NOT cheat and they have
destroyed people.
and what's more is that they play their hearts out every
game. i know i've beaten this topic to death in other
journals, but the one thing i love about athletes is when
they hate to lose. that's what hyper-competitiveness is.
that's waht gives us the MJs the tiger woods and the tom
bradys. loving to win is one thing, but hating to lose will
drain you and only a special few can use that consistently
as fuel to push it to another level.
this past saturday with a game that really didn't mean
ANYTHING in terms of the superbowl they had their starters
out in the second half when they were down 12. now how many
teams do you think would have packed that shit in? colts?
but what did they do? they fucking took it to the wire and
won. if that game on saturday wasn't one of the best
performances of the ultimate team then i don't know what
was. and the thing is, i don't like the patriots for
anything mroe than how they play.
so this is coming from someone who only appreciates them for
how they are making the game look, damn what a fine team.

by the way, they're winning the superbowl, end of story.

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