Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2007-12-30 22:46:47 (UTC)

the law

I've decided to continue fighting for my termination. I was
wrongfully dismissed. As I continue learning about my
rights and how businesses are suppose to run, I discover
more and more problems that went wrong at my last job.

This is such a learning experience and I'm willing to fight
for my right as a Canadian citizen and for other employees
who were fired for no real reason. I want the owner and
assist manager to learn from this. I do not want them to do
what they did to me every again. I want them to stop.
That's what I want all of this. I'm going out of my way for
them to stop. It's not even about the money anymore.

I went clubbin with a few friends last night. It was pretty
fun. I had a good time.