Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-12-27 18:33:01 (UTC)

I got fired.

Two weeks ago I got into an argument with my assist manager
because I would not clean a toilet. My reason for not
cleaning the toilet was for the simple reason that I only
work there 5 hours a WEEK. I'm not a full-timer, I'm getting
paid peanuts and I will not in anyway stoop to that level of
getting on my hands and knees to clean a toilet I do not
use. Sorry, I hardly use.

The ignorant bitch called me today to tell me that it was
not going to work anymore for the following reasons: A) I'm
not working as a team, B) and because I am not better then them.

Wrongful dismissal bitch!

I need to call some people to see what are my rights. I'm
going to pursuit this case to make sure I get my 2 weeks pay
and for that bitch to not screw another employee again.