alone and adored
2007-12-26 21:51:32 (UTC)

Yah, I'm Writing About You Again J****

Maybe its just the music but right now I want so badly to
tell you that you're a dickless, selfish, faggot who
picked THE MOST inappropriate time to tell me you're madly
in love with me? (Im paraphrasing, of course) but
seriuosly dude... you are such a fuck.. and it's not my
style to tell you to your face, sadly.. so you'll have to
settle for wondering why I'm suddenly never on MSN.. and
god help you if you ever call my cell phone, you stupid
prick... I am too good for you. I'm kind of glad you're
having a shitty xmas.. cuz you don't deserve to have a
better xmas than me for the lovesick-shit you've been
putting me through for the last 2 months... I think about
you a lot too.. but not the wya you think about
me...Tonight I am hella pissed at your very existance...
you selfish, cocksmoking, manipulative cunt. I could
possibly be interesting in sucking your dick in the future
but as for 'falling in love with you'...never again.
EVER.. low self-esteem or not... you are not worthy of ME.
you had YEARS to tell me you liked me and how dare you
fucking lead me on while I'm ACROSS A FUCKING OCEAN. HOW
MOTHER FUCKING CONVENIENT. my bro is right... I should
tell you to fuck off and talk to me when I get home. We
live int he same GD city you dickless, asshole. Honestly..
my gut is telling me you are a fake and as flattered as I
was a few days ago telling me how perfect I am despite my
admitted awkwardness- tongiht.. i hate you. my bullshit
detector- probably the one I inherited from my mother for
detecting such assholes like you- has been overloading
lately... I am 99% convinced you are a total loser. and
I'm mad at myself for holding out hope for you..

god... tonight, I hate you.

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