taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2007-12-23 20:47:34 (UTC)

In my mind, I can't think of a worse Festivus.

Today is bullshit. Last night has steamrolled into today
and it's not panning out so well. I'm supposed to meet
some close friend's of the GF's family, but I feel ill and
the airing of griviances didn't go so well.

And what am I supposed to do? I have to bring up the fact
that I have a neurological disease because feeling ill
removes my energy and when my energy is low or non-
existent, my mobility is additionally hampered in kind.
The result... I stumble more, can barely keep my eyes open
and focused (esp. with 2nd rate glasses after I busted my
1st rate ones last night), and all that just doesn't make
a good impression. And regardless of that, it makes me
feel like shit because I can't perform up to a modicum of
standards and I just want to curl into a fetal position
and hide. Sometimes plans unravelled. I don't hate and
have things against anyone.

I guess I could throw what little pride there is left into
the wind and give it all I have and try to sluff off the
inevitable spectacles.

A little credence, please, social expectations.

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