The neverending nightmare
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2007-12-19 12:57:11 (UTC)


yay my brothers home im so happy cuz i havent seen him in
like 2years and this is the first time i get to see my
neice!!! shes so fuckin cute i just wanna eat her up!!!
~Lol~ im just pissed cause they're sleepin in my fuckin
room...last night i had to sleep on a fuckin air matress
and it deflated durin the night my back is fuckin killin
me, im bouts to just sleep on the fuckin floor....plus it
was fuckin freezing!!! im pissed about that, but o well!!!

me and ruben are really good....we had a real long talk
last night followed by some make up sex and it was
grrrrrrrr-ate!!! ~loL~ well nothin else to say really, but
ill keep u updated!!!