Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-12-19 04:43:37 (UTC)

Tues. Dec. 18.07

I'm a little upset at the moment. I found out on facebook
(hahaha...) that my bestfriend is going to attend my ex
boyfriend's friend's party this weekend. I know she hangs
out with one of his friends, since she was almost cheating
on him while her boyfriend lives in the states.

I think I'm upset because I know how she is, very
flirtatious, boob revealing, giggly type of girl.

I think there's more to it.

This girl, who is called my bestfriend, is really getting on
my nerves more then ever. There is so much going on with me
and her that now it's to the point where i get jealous and
get very upset at her. I don't even think jealous is the
word, it's more of an anger because I know how much of a
jealous person my bestfriend is, she's green with envy!

I'm mad at her because she always wants to compete with me.

I'm mad at her because to hang out with me its such a
struggle, even though she lives next door to me.

I visit her all the time at work, she never bothers to do
that to be, but wave outside my store.

I shouldn't be mad though. I told her to keep in contact
with my ex's friends because they were good guys. I gave her
the green light. I shouldn't be mad.

I'm over my ex, if anything happened it's her reputation,
not mine. I'm over my ex. I'm already talking to a few
different guys now. I moved on.