open me up
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2007-12-18 06:24:12 (UTC)

reverse psychology

Pencil on my wrists
Matching dotted lines
I’d pull my thermals up
If I only had the time..

This person in the mirror
Looks like someone I used to know
But She’s so very tired now
And she looks so very old

Maybe it’s those shadows
That keep her so tied up
Maybe it’s these memories
She can’t stop throwing up

Pencil on my wrists
connecting dotted lines
I’d press alittle harder
If I only had the time..

i hear this voice inside my head
sounds a lot like yours
could be that I need some rest
you’re right, I’m just not sure

this clock seems to be laughing
I wish he’d share with us all
I could use a “pick me up”
After falling so very hard

Pencil on my wrists
Peeling dotted lines
Sure I’d shut the curtains
If I only had the time..

Don’t mind my twitching
Cause I sure as hell don’t
I can’t feel my body
I can’t taste my throat

I can’t make believe
You didn’t lend a hand
You knew that this would happen
It was all part of your plan

Pencil on my wrists
Erasing dotted lines
You’d get off that easy
if you gave me some more time..