Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2007-12-18 03:44:36 (UTC)


yes. I am. very. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised really,
but I suppose in a way I am. I think I should probably grow
the fuck up and do something, instead of just waiting for
something to happen.

I had this bizzare dream the other day, it was about monica,
and I've known her for years, and suddenly the next day I got,
what I guess I would call, a sign, maybe, that she's still out
there, long forgotten lust and desire roared to the forefront
of my mind, and for just 2 minutes I smiled, and wondered
about all the possibilities.

and then I sunk back to earth, and I realize it'll never in
any way, ever happen. I think my already morose mood simply
delved deeper in the entrenched abyss I've fallen into.

so then I called her. we talked for 6 hours on the phone.