I drink Alone
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2007-12-16 05:42:52 (UTC)

December 15th

Well we're all moved out now, long moved out. Thank god.
With all the stuff ppl have given us the new place looks
great. Hayden took to it very well. He loves his new room
and his bed. I thought it'd be hard to get him to stay in
his room at night but he actually wants to.
We have our christmas tree up and lights outside, things
are sweet.
Right now I'm actually in Austin at Embassy Suites Hotel.
Joe brought me here for my bday weekend. And cause we got
married last Friday. We Went to the JP then had a dinner
at our place for family, Michael, Crystal, and Tim came
over too. It was nice.
I've had a little wine so I better not stick around here
too long, tipsy as fuck!!

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