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my submissive life
2007-12-09 22:50:56 (UTC)

The Agreement - Day 3

I spent the night in extreme sexual frustration. I begged
Sir to fuck me and let me cum. He flat out refused. It
turns out that he agreed to let Teacher decide when I got
to orgasm as part of the deal. I was not happy. I didn’t
agree to that. He was my ex; he might never let me cum.
Sir assured me that while orgasm denial would be part of my
ordeal, it wouldn’t last forever. It was a long night tied
to the bed.

Again the next morning instructions were waiting for us. I
was never allowed to read them, but Sir was always happy to
tell me what comments Teacher offered as to the previous
night’s performance. Teacher loved watching my pig
performance and my suffering on the chair. Figures.

Sir read the instructions. “Today’s scene requires some
shopping. I will be going out and leaving you here. But,
you can’t be trusted to control yourself while I’m gone so
we’ll have to do something about that. Strip and get over
here.” I stripped naked and approached Sir in our
bedroom. “Hands behind your back.” He cuffed my hands
behind me. “Now, on your knees.” He then took a condom
and put it over the doorknob to the door of our
closet. “Get over here.” I walked on my knees over to
where he was.

“Mouth around the doorknob.” I opened my mouth wide and
managed to get it around the whole doorknob. It was large
and my jaw ached from being open that wide. It was also at
an odd height so I couldn’t rest my ass on my feet or kneel
fully upright.

“Now pay attention. You will stay in this exact position
while I am gone. The video camera will be recording you so
I will know if you move. If you do, when I get home I will
tie you in this position and leave you in it for twice as
long. Understand?”

“Um hm.” I could only grunt with my mouth so full.

“Good. You better not move.” And with that he walked out
and left me alone, sucking on the doorknob. I was very
uncomfortable and as the minutes ticked by my discomfort
turned to pain. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hold the
position for much longer, but I was scared of the promised
punishment for moving. So I held on. I believe Sir was
gone for well over an hour. When he got back, he was happy
to see that I hadn’t moved. Not that my obedience would
spare me anything from today’s instructions.

I was curious to learn what Sir had been shopping for, but
I knew I’d have to wait and learn the hard way. Sir told
me he had some more preparations to do and left me in my
safe painful position. A few more minutes of suffering and
he finally came back to relieve me. He let me stretch out
for a minute or two and then ordered me downstairs.

“Lay flat on your stomach on the floor.” I did. Next, Sir
placed a well-fitting blindfold around my eyes so I could
see absolutely nothing. He pulled my hands behind me and I
felt rope being wrapped around my wrists. Shortly after I
was in a very tight hogtie. But that was not the end of
it. I felt something cool and hard being pushed into my

“You are probably wondering what I just put into your ass.
It is not a butt-plug. At least, not in the traditional
sense. You should begin to understand what I mean in a
minute.” I felt an add sensation in my ass that soon
turned to a burning. I began squirming on the
floor. “What you are feeling is a piece of ginger. It
works much better and longer than anything you’ve felt
before. This will keep you busy while I prepare the rest
of the session.”

I heard Sir walk away, leaving me wriggling in my hogtie,
futilely trying to escape the intense burning in my ass.
The ginger hurt a hell of a lot more than the bengay I’ve
felt there before. Teacher must have learned some new
tricks since we used to play. This was a new one for me.
I don’t know how long Sir left me writhing on the floor,
but it felt like my ass was on serious fire.

Countless time later, Sir returned. “Something wrong
honey? You look distressed? I’ll have to remember this
little trick the next time you start acting like a pain in
the ass to me. It seems a fitting retribution. But enough
for now.” He untied me and finally, mercifully, removed
the piece of ginger from my ass. Lastly, he took the
blindfold off. I looked around the room and notice several
additions to our usual decorations. There were several
photos of me in the previous days’ bondage hanging up. The
pictures were not flattering and caught me in my most
humiliating moments.

“Like the new artwork? I think it adds a certain flavor to
the house. These photos will remain on display all the
time. When we are having company, you can take them down.
But you must put them back as soon as the guests leave. If
you forget to hide them before the guests arrive, that will
be too bad for you. At all other times I will enjoy
looking at them.” So there I was, all over the house,
picture of me as a pig and tied to a chair, drooling all
over myself. Hanging up for me view all the time.

My ass was still burning, residual effects, but there was
nothing I could do about it. Sir was ready for the next
phase. Apparently he had done more shopping than just the
ginger and printing the photos. He led me into the kitchen
where I noticed a few more new additions. First, in the
corner of the floor were what appeared to be two dog
bowls. We didn’t have dog. Second, on one of the kitchen
chairs, stick up from the seat were two large dildos.

“From now on you will be eating in one of two ways. One,
on your hands and knees on the floor, from the dog bowls,
like the filthy bitch you are. Or two, seated impaled on
the two dildos, like the fucking slut you are. Either way,
you will always remember your place when dining at home.”
It seems Sir had decided to advance our occasional bdsm
scene into a lifestyle. I was surprised, but pleasantly
so. At least, I think I was.

“There will be some other changes as well, they have been
put into print to make it a little easier.” He motioned to
the fridge upon which hung a print, and laminated, list of
rules. This was obviously a joint project between ex and
new. Teacher no doubt wrote the rules, Sir no doubt
laminated them. “The rules will hang on the fridge at all
times. Again, if we are having company, you may
temporarily take them down, but it will be your
responsibility to remember to do so. You had better
remember to hang them up immediately afterwards, or you
will be punished. Now go assumed position two in front of
fridge and read the rules allowed.”

I stood with my hands on my head and legs extremely wide
apart. I began to read:
1. Painslut must obey these rules at all times;
breaking any rule will result in immediate punishment.
2. Painslut must confess any broken rule to Sir and
Teacher immediately.
3. Painslut may not refer to Sir or Teacher by any
other name or title unless express permission is granted to
do so.
4. Painslut may not play with herself or orgasm unless
express permission is granted to do so.
5. Painslut may never wear clothes while at home unless
express permission is granted to do so.
6. Painslut will memorize these rules and be able to
recite them upon command.

“Further rules will be added as necessary, but these are to
start out with. Make sure you have them memorized by

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. I’m getting hungry. Fix me dinner.”

“Yes Sir.” I prepared dinner and called Sir when it was
ready. I served him but wasn’t sure what to do with myself

He looked at me standing naked before him. “Well, which
would you rather dine as tonight, the slut or the bitch?
Choose carefully, most nights I don’t plan on giving you
the choice.”

The dildos were large but I didn’t want to eat from the
floor. “I’d like to dine as the slut tonight Sir.”

“Very well, then serve yourself and sit down.” I set my
plate on the table and straddled the chair. Carefully, I
eased myself onto the two dildos. They were large and it
was not a comfortable seat. Eventually I touched down on
the seat and began to eat. Although I have to admit, being
stuffed from below, I wasn’t very hungry. As we ate, I
noticed the camera watching us dine.

After dinner I cleared the table, washed the dishes, and
washed my dildo-chair. Sir retired to the living room
while I did my chores. When I was done he called me in to
serve as his footrest, on my hands and knees, while he
watched tv.

We had one last set of instructions to follow before going
to bed. Sir led me to the bathroom and told me to lie down
in the bathtub. Without another word he unzipped his pants
and began to piss all over me.

“You will sleep here tonight, slut. You may not wash off
or get up for any reason. If you need to pee, you must
piss yourself. And I warn you, do not play with yourself
or you will be punished severely! Good night, you
worthless pig whore. Remember, you wanted this.”