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2007-12-09 18:59:12 (UTC)

Christmas Letter 2007

I would like to start off my letter by wishing you a Merry
Christmas and Happy Holidays! I haven't really written a
Christmas letter before, but I thought I would give it a try
this year!

I'm happy to write, saying that many good things have
happened this year. I'll keep most of the description as
sort as possible, but here are the most interesting and
significant developments. Last May I finished the Spring
2007 semester at Black Hills State, where I have finally
decided what my official major will be--Business
Administration with an Emphasis in Human Resource
Management. I was looking for an up and coming major within
business that would allow me the freedom to move around.
That is what I found in HRM. Almost every company has some
sort of a HR department and there are many different parts
within the HRM major that I can focus on. So, all in all I
can find a job almost anywhere and I will keep interested
because there are so many different aspects. Now I’m just
relieved that I have finally found something that interests me!

Summer 2007 was defiantly a fun packed, extremely busy time.
For starters I decided to go back to waiting tables at the
Deadwood Gulch Restaurant, where I have now worked for the
past 5 summers. The job somewhat sucks, but the hours are
good and so is the money...for the most part. In addition to
work, I took an online class and participated in the
Northern Hills Community Band. As if I was bored or
something, I went on two different trips—one at the
beginning of June and one at the beginning of July. New York
City was my first trip. I went with Chrissy Gill and we
stayed with her sister in the city. I had never been, and we
most just did sightseeing and I had a total blast!! The
second trip I went on was to Chicago. I went with Rachel
Mollman and we saw a Dave Matthews Concert! The concert was
the most exciting thing ever! Her friend from college and
her family put us up and I had a great time with them too!
Well, between trips I was attempting to find a place to stay
in Spearfish, for the upcoming school year. To my dismay,
everywhere was either way too expensive or disgusting. In
the end, I decided on buying a place instead of renting...
I'm the proud new owner of a trailer! ....yes I know, a
trailer. lol. Between everything else that was going on I
was attempting to fix up my new place, which was in
desperate need!

Fall 2007 has been even busier than the summer, if that is
at all possible! School keeps me insanely busy with an
insane amount of homework. I'm also in the college band and
investment club. Both keep me busy a couple nights a week.
I'm working in the business department for the 2nd year and
love it. The work isn't that interesting, but getting to
know almost every single business prof helps immensely! Also
in October I started going out with a friend from BH, his
name is Kyle. He works full time in Deadwood and also is
going to school at BH for business. He is so great.

I suppose that is about all that has happened in the last
year. I'm defiantly sick of school and ready to graduate!
But in a year or so, I’ll probably be saying how I’m not
ready to graduate. Oh well, such is life I guess. Well, I
should probably be going. Please write me soon and tell me
everything that is going on!! Have a great Christmas and New
Years!! Hope to talk to you soon!

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