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2007-12-09 18:27:32 (UTC)

The Agreement - Day 2

We have taken to referring to ex-boyfriend as the Teacher
while new boyfriend remains Sir. Part of me absolutely
hates that ex-boyfriend, I mean Teacher, has become a
staple of our lives. But by his giving instructions, Sir
is more comfortable doing things that he would ordinarily
consider crossing the line with a woman. And Teacher has
been happy to tell us how much he enjoys watching our
sessions. While one of the benefits was supposed to be
that he already knew my limits, likes, and dislikes, it
turns out, on of the detriments to me, was that he already
knew my likes and dislikes. And he was happy to inflict as
much pain and humiliation on me as possible, remotely that

Teacher’s instructions were waiting for us. Sir read them
over and I could tell he had some reservations about them.
I assured him that I would use my safewords if necessary
but that I really enjoyed our last session and wanted to
continue. Sir admitted he enjoyed it too, more than he
expected. So we moved on to scene two and dictated by

The camera was set up and I was tied naked, spread eagle,
face down on our bed. A pillow was placed under my hips to
left my ass higher in the air. I had rubber-bands around
each of my upper arms, my thighs, my calves, and my feet.
This was unusual.

“Listen up slut, this game is simple. You are going to
tell me which rubber-band you want snapped, and I am going
to snap it. It continues as long as I want. Do not beg me
to stop, you have no authority. And if you fail to
immediately identify which band you want snapped, you will
get a penalty – to be named later. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now which one shall I snap first?”

“Uh, right arm Sir?” He stretched the band far away from
my arm and let it go. It flung back and bit into my skin
hard. Ouch. Shit.


“Uh, left calf Sir?” He pulled the band and let it go,
sending it biting my leg this time. This was not a fun
game, they really hurt if you pull them back that hard. I
really didn’t want to keep identifying anything.


Oh god. “Right foot.” Ouch! We continued until each band
had been snapped once. Finally I had to pick an area for
seconds. They all hurt and I wasn’t eager to pick again.


“Um, left arm Sir.” He snapped the band. Fuck me!
Hitting the same spot again was not a pretty experience. I
kept jumping around trying to space out the pain. It was
hard because Sir wasn’t giving me much time between

“Next?” I didn’t immediately answer. He didn’t say a
word. I felt him moving behind me and then I felt a sharp
intense pain in one of my ass cheeks. I let out a yell.
It was a needle and he had stabbed it into my ass and left
it there.

“Oww, what the fuck???”

“Excuse me? Did you just curse at me? Did you speak
without permission? Did you forget all the rules, you
stupid cunt? I told you that failure to give me a prompt
answer would result in a penalty. The penalty is turning
your fat ass into a pin cushion. And for cursing and
speaking out of turn, and forgetting to address me
properly, here are a few more!” He quickly jammed three
more pins into my ass. I was screaming again. “Now, which
band is next?”

I couldn’t care less. “Left foot Sir!” He quickly snapped
the band, extra hard. “Ouch!”


“Right thigh Sir.” Ouch. The game continued until each
band had been snapped so many times I was sure I had
corresponding welts. I also had another several pins
sticking out of my ass cheeks.

“That was fun wasn’t it? What hurts more, the bands or the

“They all hurt a lot Sir.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s find out how removing the pins
feels.” He started yanking the pins out one by one. It
actually hurt quite a bit. Of course, so did the rubbing
alcohol he swabbed over my pin cushion ass afterwards. I
was flailing in my bonds and I think I heard him
chuckling. He finally untied me and removed the rubber-
bands and yes, I had a large welt under each of the bands.
Without any adieu, he ordered me to stand in the corner
while he got ready for the next phase.

After a few minutes I was called into the living room,
where the camera was now set up. I was ordered to pull my
hair into pigtails. Odd, but okay. A ball gag was then
forced into my mouth and secured behind my head. What came
next was one of my least favorite toys – a nose hook. I
have to guess that the instructions were for it to be
attached as tight and painfully as possible because that’s
how Sir did it. He inserted it and pulled my nose back as
hard as possible and attached it to the gag straps at the
back of my head. That way, no matter how I moved my head,
there was no escaping the pull the hook. I didn’t even
have to see a mirror to know I had a substantial pig nose.
I was ordered to my hands and knees. My ankles were tied
tightly to my thighs and my wrists were tied to my upper
arms so I could only walk balancing on my knees and
elbows. Then Sir held something up in front of my face.

“Recognize this?” It was a butt-plug that had been
modified to include a little curly-Q pig tail coming out of
it. Where the hell did he find that? I hadn’t seen it
since I broke up with the ex, I mean Teacher, who had made
it to torment me when we were dating. I hated playing the
pig, and he knew it. Sir grinned and forced the pig-tail
plug into my ass. Finally, he took a red marker and drew
something on my forehead. Then he ordered me to crawl over
the full length mirror and look at myself.

I was a pig. And that was what was written in large
letters across my forehead. I was a pig complete with a
pig nose and a pig tail. I hated how I looked. Sir
ordered me to crawl all over the house for him.

“Get over here you fat ugly pig! Can’t you crawl faster?
Or are you too fat and lazy?” I could barely crawl at all
in my bondage. It was very awkward and I was far from
graceful. He ordered me to grunt and squeal for him. When
I didn’t do it loud enough he whipped my ass with the
riding crop. In addition to the ever-watchful camera, Sir
took still photos of me. “We’ll post these all over the
house. Especially hanging on the fridge. Maybe looking at
what a pig you are will stop you from eating so much you
fat cow.” I had tears in my eyes. If he cared, he didn’t
show it. I knew Teacher would be loving this. This form
of degradation was his favorite.

The pig play continued for what felt like an hour. I was
crawling and snorting and being whipped and humiliated.
Sir even went outside and brought in handfuls of mud which
he smeared over my body. Eventually he decided the fun
should end. He untied my bonds and allowed me stand up.
He allowed me to remove the pig-tail butt-plug. He allowed
me take a quick shower, but the gag and nose-hook had to
stay on. My nose was really hurting, but he said he liked
how it looked.

A few minutes later I stood in front of him and the camera,
clean but with my pig-nose and gag. He spent a few minutes
ordering me into the positions I learned last time. Making
sure I hadn’t had any more memory lapses. I performed them
each successfully and avoided punishment.

“Position four.” I stood straight as a board. Sir reached
out and took ahold of my tits. He began to squeeze them,
knead them, and twist them. He did it hard and it hurt. I
moaned through my gag but did not move. I fought to keep
my hands at my sides while he mashed my tits. “Does this
hurt little piggy?” I nodded yes. “Do you want me to
stop?” I nodded again. “What about your gag and hook, do
you want me to remove them?” I nodded vigorously. He took
my nipples and started squeezing them. Harder and harder
until I was squealing through my gag. He let go with one
hand and forced it between my legs and started stroking my
cunt. “You are so wet. You really are a painslut. Here
you are whining as if in pain, and yet you are so hot and
wet it would be easy to send you over the edge right now.”
He squeezed my nipple hard until my knees were shaking,
before letting go.

He took off the gag and nose hook. “Position one. We are
not quite done yet. First, I want you to look into the
camera and thank our Teacher for helping give you want you

I really didn’t want to. But there I was, naked on my
knees, hands on my head speaking to my ex in the
camera. “Thank you Teacher for help us. Thank you for
giving me what I need and what I crave.” It was as if I
could see him laughing through the camera.

“Good. Now we will end tonight with a little bondage.
Have a seat.” He indicated for me to sit in a large wooden
chair. The chair had a high back, wooden seat, and
armrests. He tied my arms behind the back of the chair.
He lifted me legs up so they were hanging over the armrests
and out to the side, exposing my wide open cunt. He tied
my legs in this lifted and spread position. He wrapped
rope around the base of each of my tits so the were
bulging. He took thin rope around each of my nipples and
tied it off to the top of the chair’s tall back, pulling my
nipples and tits up. He forced my mouth open and tied and
make-shift horse-bit gag. It held my mouth open and forced
me to drool all over myself. He turned the chair so I was
directly facing the camera. He grinned and walked back
over with the nose-hook.

“This wasn’t part of the instructions, but I really like
the way your pig-nose looked. So I think I’ll add it on.”
He put the hook into my nose and also tied it to the top of
the chair’s back, pulling my face up and turning my nose
into a pig nose again. I was wide open, exposed, bound,
drooling, and helpless. He took a marker and wrote ‘WHORE’
across my stomach. He took more still photos of me.

My pussy was wide open and aching for something to fill
it. I was dripping wet and couldn’t do anything about it.
Sir walked away and I couldn’t see where he went. He left
me sitting there alone, staring at the camera in my
bondage. I hate being ignored. After many minutes he
wandered back over to me. Drool was pouring down my body.
He held up in front of my face a large vibrator. My eyes
lit up.

“Yes, I know this is what you crave, you fucking slut.
Don’t you?” I tried to say ‘yes Sir’ but the gag made it a
little difficult. He stood in front of me, turned the
vibrator on its lowest setting, and just barely touched it
to my pussy. I tried to thrust my hips towards it, but I
was tied up pretty tight. He held it lightly to my pussy
and clit for a few seconds, teasing me. Then he pulled it

My frustration was clear. He touched it to me again, a
little longer this time, then pulled it away again. He
turned the setting up a little and pushed it against my
clit. My whole body was aching for it. I was getting very
close to cumming before he pulled it away again. I groaned
in angry frustration. He grinned an evil grin.

“I know what you want. I can see your large swollen clit
begging for it. I know you’d do just about anything for
it. Too bad my instructions were clear, you are not going
to be allowed to cum tonight my dear. I am going to
torment you and tease you for an hour, keeping you on the
edge but not letting you over. I know the denial may be
the worst torture for you. Your suffering will be
exquisite. So close to the relief you crave, and helpless
to get it. Your clit will ache tremendously for me. And
after the hour is over, with the vibrator so close to
giving you what you want, your suffering will continue.
Because I will untie you from this chair, and re-tie you in
our bed. You will spend the night squirming in our bed. I
will still not give you the relief you seek. I will tie
your legs apart and your hands above you so that you cannot
please yourself. Tonight you will learn the torture of
denial. Smile for the camera slut.”