Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2007-12-09 17:26:03 (UTC)

Sun., Dec 09

Yesterday afternoon I chilled with my bitches and his
boyfriend. It was a chill evening. We went to the movies,
then went to a thai restaurant and we were suppose to go out
for coffee, but our friend cancelled. Today we're going to
play some pool and most likely coffee. I was thinking of
inviting julian to hang out with us tonight. but i'm not
sure he wants to hang out with people we use to chill with
back in high school. In a way, I think he should, so he can
get rid of those fucked up friends he has. I don't know, I'm
not going to put too much thought into it.

Jess came to study at my house late last night. We didn't
talk so much, well, she was studying. She told me my ex
bf's friend called her up to hang out with 'them'. By them,
he was referring to him and my ex. Jess thought it was
sketchy. Why would he called his buddy's ex gf's best
friend? I'm glad she didn't go. I'm kind of worried. I'm
not too sure what their intentions were. I know my ex
wouldn't do such stupid thing. But then again, I was told my
ex was going in the wrong path. I, it kind of hurts to say
this, but I agree. The 7 months we dated, he was changing.
The guy I met in the beginning, wasn't really the same guy
that broke up with me. Well, going back to what happened,
I told her that she should still keep in touch with my ex's
friend. They hang out without me and my ex before, so it
wouldn't be so weird for them. *sigh* I just want to get
rid of them. I just want whatever their doing, who they talk
to, what is going on... away from me! I want to stop
talking to guys I use to deal with, all my ex, all ppl I
don't want.. away from me. I want to move on. I don't want
my next boyfriend to know what's going with my ex's or guys
I use to deal with. I want to be free from that. Start
fresh. But, I'm not planning on dating anytime soon. I'm
going to be picky again. I'm a good girl, with a good head
on my shoulders who is going somewhere in life. I deserve to
be with a guy who is also a good person and who is going
somewhere in life. I'll wait forever to find that one guy.
Well, not forever, but a few years.

I don't believe that their is one person for everyone. I
believe there are a hundred compatible people for one person.

Anyways, I'm in the middle of watching a movie, ciao.

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