Middle Child

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2007-12-07 19:05:47 (UTC)

evil friend

I met this guy two years. We hit it off really quick, but at
a friendship level. Together we are 2 clowns who laugh at
everything. He's a great guy.

We lost touch for a few months, I guess because I was dating
and well, he was doing his own thing. We started talking
again last night until 3am. lol. We use to talk for houuuurs
almost every night. As I was talking to him, I started to
remember the goofy side of me that was hidden for awhile.
My silly side was tucked away because my ex thought it was
stupid. I can't believe I didn't notice that long time ago.
I'm a relaxed, funny, friendly girl, but he kind of killed
that for me. Fuck. I need a guy who is also a big goof.
I'm always laughing, telling jokes, HECK, my friend once
told me 'you need a camera on u 24/7, because you're always
doing something crazy or something weird always happens to
you.' I agree. LOL I've got stories that would make you
roll on the floor laughing. Well, I told him we need to
chill this month since i'm off school now. I'm excited.

I went to my work yesterday and I'm going to start working 4
days a week. ahhhhhh! I need to ask him day if I'm getting
my raise and if I'm getting paid more on boxing day. Bitch,
I better!

I'm soooo lazy today. It's almost 2pm and I'm still in bed
with my pjz on. I woke up not too long ago to have
breakfast. My mom is going to come home soon and bitch at
me. haahaha, she's just jealous. lol. I have to get my fat
up and shower, I have work soon. B;JSCKJSJC;KHAS;FCBHSDVBJH;RT

I've been thinking about my friend since last night. He's
such an awesome guy, I would love to date him, but I think
we've just went beyond that dating point. We're close, but
what if it doesn't work and I lose my 'evil buddy'.. ahaha
He's pretty mature for his age, which isn't really common
among 18 yr old boys. I'm 20
and I've always fallen for guys who were atleast 2 yrs older
then I. Never dated anyone my age or younger. I think it
would be too weird if we dated. Too bad, he's such a cool
guy. Well, as long as I don't lose him as a friend, then I'm
alright with that :)

I'm getting my fat ass up and getting ready for work. CYA!