Drama (swear words included)
2007-12-07 09:24:55 (UTC)

WOW - 6 months later! Let me update you!

I totally forgot that I had this journal, so I haven't
written for practically 6 months! Okay, so where to
start... how do I begin?

As far as me and Lou go - I stuck to my guns for about a
week. Then after a few emails back and forth, he pretty
much begged me to give him another chance. Of course - like
I said before, I love him, so I did! Honestly the majority
of the time together EVER since that day has been amazing.
It may surprise you but we have now been together ever
since then.

Not long after we had gotten back together - there was a
fire at his apartment and WE ended up moving out and
renting a house with my sister (Cas) and her boyfriend,
Brandon. It was good at first - sharing, caring, helping,
and all. However, it didn't take long for things to go from
good to horrible~!! To cut a long story short basically
Brandon was trying to scam me and Lou out of our
hard~earned money!! Overcharging us for bills, that he had
called and got reduced... not once but 3 different times I
caught him doing this!!! They were constantly saying 'wanna
go in half... can i get half on the milk, dish soap...
etc'! It was so annoying to get home from work only to be
rushed right into my room because Brandon starts following
me into my bedroom talking about money. It made the total
environment so TENSE!! I hated going home and I hating
leaving my tiny bedroom.... so basically me and Lou lived
in our bedroom for close to $700 a month!!! Ridiculous, I
know. So about 2 months into living there - me and Lou got
an apartment of our very own. It wasn't great but it wasn't
bad either. We finally moved out 10/5/07!! It was the best
decision that we could have made - because things were so
tense between us because of our living situation. I
couldn't stand the sight of my sister and ESPECIALLY not
her boyfriend, Brandon! However, since we've moved out - I
have not invited Cas or Brandon over at all. She dropped
off my mail once or twice, but that is all. As far as I'm
concerned I can describe Brandon as this - sleezy,
dishonest, scammer, cheap, controlling, verbally abusive,
and he is very unworthy of my sister. Not that she is any
better because she allowed him to 'cheat' us out of money!
However, that is my sister and always will be -- therefore
I can't Hate her.

Lou and I have now been living in our apartment a little
over 3 months now - making it a total of almost 8 months
that we've been together ~ not counting that one week ~!
Since the day we moved out of his apartment where the fire
was ~ we've been stronger than ever. Now everyday he tells
me he loves me and that I mean the world to him. Before - I
definitely knew that I loved him - but I wasn't sure if I
was in love with him. Well, one of the things that we
accomplished together was falling in love with each other!
I now know how he feels about me and he knows how I feel
about him. We treasure each other more now!

If you could have known what it felt like falling in love
with someone all over again -- and this time knowing that
BOTH of you are interested and want to ~~~ the feeling is
MAGICAL!! I wish I could describe it more for you!

We've been through a lot of things together now, and I
couldn't imagine one day of not being with him. We live
together, we eat together, we sleep together, we watch
movies together, we go places together. In fact, the only
place I go alone - is to work!

I don't know what changed his mind - or really if anything
changed his mind... other than him just opening up his
heart. I wish I knew how I unlocked his 'true heart' ~ it's
really amazing how BIG of a difference there is in him
since back then.

We still have great sex but not as often ~ therefore we
treasure it more! He is such an amazing man and I am truly
thankful that I gave him a second chance.... even though I
didn't have a choice because my heart had already DECIDED!
Thank GOD that it DID!! :)

For now ~ this is all I'll write about me and Lou!