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2007-12-06 09:57:54 (UTC)

19 days before Christmas

It has been more than 2 years since my last entry in this
online diary space. If they didn't send me a reminder
email, I am afraid this space is abandoned.

Now is again the 2nd week in my new company. I changed 3
jobs in 3 years. Not a history I am proud of. And I do wish
can work a long time in the new enviornment.

Today we had some visitors from China and we ate lunch
together. It's treat from Chinese partner. I am pretty sure
that they were disappointed that no alcohol on table and we
ordered all dishes of din sim, though my boss did this to
save their money.
I had very little but amazingly felt full. My stomach is
really shrinking...another side effect of aging.

Later after work I am going to KTV with my colleagues. It
is good activity to relax but I am coughing and having a
sore throat :( I am mic queen in normal situation.

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