Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-12-05 07:09:20 (UTC)


Tomorrow afternoon is my last exam for the year. The results
of this exam will determine whether or not I need to re-take
this course again. I begging for a 70-80% on this exam, so
I can get a C-. However, even if I do get that C-, I will
most likely re-take this course, since it is a course
Graduate school look at.

Enough about that.

I have something really important that I want to write.
Something that I realized yesterday. Maybe I'll briefly
discuss it before I forget.

I am the type of person who relies heavily on experience.
When I go through an experience, I do soooo much thinking. I
think about why it happened to me, how did it happen to me,
what could I have done to avoid it from happening again and
most importantly the lesson behind it. HOW CAN I BETTER
MYSELF. I relate so much of what I say, my advices, on
experiences. The past few years, I've fallen hard when it
came to school. People might see me as a failure, who
shouldn't be in school, who shouldn't even try being

My mother told me, 'Everything in life doesn't come easily,
even the most successful people had such struggles, but made

She's right.

I realized this. The past 2 years of university, I've shed
so many tears, been extremely lazy, learned new studying
habits, note taking stragies, etc. I wouldn't have learned
this if I didn't go through what I went through. Most
importantly, I never gave up on my dream. Yes, I've had
moments when I asked myself, "what the fuck am I doing? I'm
not cut out for this!" But you know what, I never stopped
dreaming. I figured, ya if I fail classes, so what. Yes,
I'll lose money. Yes, I'll lose time. But it won't stop me
from trying. I have my whole life to live up to my dream.

I'm going to this exam with my head held high and full of
joy! (Then I'll have the month free..wooooooot!!!)

Ah...freedom. No school for almost a month! What a
blessing! Oh, how I need to just relax right now. Nite.