2007-12-04 02:01:01 (UTC)

Dec 3, 2007 Again!

It has been a long time since i have been here and of
course the only time i am on this is when things are bad.

So around December 28th 2005 i met this guy, problem after
problem i only meet dead beats! He is married but boy did
he treat me really nice! He was wonderful he took me out
made me feel like i should feel unlike some others that i
have dated. But things ended almost 2 years he didn't
even fight for it!

where i am going to go now? Why are things so hard to
just take care of? Why would i be the one always to fight
and loss

This year it was not at all good the only thing i had was
me and friends from High school meant and had a really
good time thinking about how great things were in High

I don't know anymore why is this so hard for me!