Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2007-12-03 04:28:39 (UTC)


My friend found her pair of skates. I'm so excited! None of
my friends can skate or have skates. Especially my guy
friends. I find that so unattractive in a guy. Guys, in my
eyes, should be physically active. I guess I sort of judge
guys on whether or not they can skate, ride a bike and
roller blade. I really do. I love ice skating, it's one of
my favorite past times. Oh well, my friend is coming with
me sometime this week or next week, once I'm done this
fucking exam! ARG!

I spoke to my bestfriend's ex bf this evening. I spoke to
him about my ex and such. He was right in the things he was
telling me. I don't need a guy like my ex. He didn't
deserve. He didn't deserve a good and cute girl =) (not my
words lol) I'm good. I'm slowly going back to me the way I
was before I met him. Happy, accepting that I'm single, and
focused. I told my ex many times when we were dating. " I
was so happy when I wasn't dating, I accepted where I was."
I honestly (im laughing right now) I dont know why I told
him that actually. Hmmm... I really was happy and I didn't
need him to make me happy, he just was a bonus.

My mother's friend told me, " Just continue being yourself
and the right guy will notice you for you." I will. I am
still the same person I was before him and I'm still the
same person without him. I love myself for not changing,
when I know he wanted to change me. FUCK YOU!!!!!! NO ONE
i don't need to be changed. If you think I need to change,
then you don't have a clue who I am.